Holy Lymph

Our lymphatic immune support is made up of cells, vessels and nodes. This amazing network allows an uninterrupted move of fluid to fight infection, release toxins, and other unwanted material. There are large numbers of diseases that are related to poor lymphatic system. Some of them are avoidable and curable. For example lymphedema, that is caused by injury, chronic infection or surgery. This condition is generally treated by a skillful massage called Manual Lymphatic Drainage. MLD consist of a gentle rhythmic strokes that helps clear the lymph for a healthy return to the nodes.

Generally, exercises that involve the entire body gravity like jumping on a trampoline and deep diaphragmatic breathing, taught by martial art are most efficient lymphatic circulation. Feeling congested? Having an herbal tea to stay strong is a positive idea as well. Some of lymph herbs are Echinacea stimulates, Red Root energizes, and Dandelion could be used as tonic.

As a massage therapist, MLD is within our scoop of practice. We follow personalized method and specific oils like castor oil for such a treatment.

Most common clients are cancer survivals, pre and post facial surgeries,breast augmentation, tummy tuck and lymphedema. And always remember if something is out of balance please check with your specialist.

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