aesthetic oncology south floridaIs a specialty that provides skin care services to cancer patients while they are undergoing treatment therapies or post treatment.

Progressive treatments incorporate massage which has many benefits for people living with cancer; such as anxiety, pain, nausea, sleep and fatigue. Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is used in many cases, especially decongestant immune system, and 6 Pressure Points (I call it hidden therapy) are stimulated for Patients who need to energy stimulation.

Oncology Detoxification facial is a very important phase of skin care therapy that assists the client’s skin to detoxify internal and external toxins, and medications from the skin. The health of the skin is restored through gentle detoxifying ingredients like honey, herbal tea and sea water.

Safe and effective phases are:

Restorative Oncology Skin Care – protects the integrity of the skin by implementing a skin barrier effect to hold in hydration and protect the skin from environmental stresses and pathogens.

Another phase includes the GuaSha. An oriental techniques in detoxifying facial and Massage Therapy. Gua- to remove, scrape Sha- toxins. This is an effective, and stress relieving massage helps the skin to release congested pores, internal toxins and stimulate, necessary skin nourishing blood flow.

Post-Oncology Skin Care Protocols address all the needs and phases of each of their clients living with and recovering from Cancer. A complete analysis and assessment of the client’s skin and the residual manifestations associated with the oncology treatments they received in the past.

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