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We are proud to offer serious skin care lines that are world leader in results-driven. Cutting edge ingredients, backed by science in a variety of strengths and formulations to meet the need of all skin ages, ethnicity, and conditions.

ENVIRON® Vitamin Fuel

Scientifically proven facial to help achieve high level of vitamin A and antioxidants. It is recommended to all skin types and conditions. A home regiment is recommended to enhance the process of electrotherapy done throughout sessions.

“When you repair skin at a cellular level, the results last a lifetime” Dr. Fernandes.

Signature Ayurvedic

Awaken your Marma points with this gentle yet energy flow facial spa experience.

Yes. This facial is for you


With its finest seaweed selection from all over the world, this facial is a synergy to experience.

Guarantee to lift and oxygenate


A series of treatments performed for a specific demand.  Using a step-up system and home care regiment, results are to be seeing within the first session. We target flaccid, double chin, weak neck and facial muscles. After consultation has been cleared, choices are Radio Frequency, Light-Wave therapy, and Microcurrent

Achieve a youthful complexion

Peel & Reveal

Serious working agents including TCA: (Tricloracetic Acid), Salicylic Acid, Malic Acid, BHA and AHA. Medical grade peels are available for all skin type and colors.

Peel your way to beauty


This excellent choice of treatment will stimulates your skin into healing and can help reverse the signs of aging. Out of all the anti-aging skin treatments you can try, this one is a lot less invasive.
Through the process, the dermis is stimulated to speed up and increase collagen production. You will usually see results within a month of beginning the procedure. Benefits include a firmer skin, less wrinkles, less folds, better texture of skin, smaller pores, and improved appearance of stretch marks and scars. No recovery time is needed. There isn’t any damage to your skin, and it is a painless procedure.
Microneedling reduces the depth of pitted acne scars, burns, injury, and surgery. For sun damaged skin types, the production of melanin is activated to restore overall skin tone. Additional vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes are supplemented during the course of the treatments.

We are based in Hallandale Beach. With you, my dear client in mind, our services are intended to gain your loyalty!
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